Angello …..from Cradle to Grave and Reincarnation through cloning

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Cat Cloning in Thailand

By Dr. Pongpao Hosathitam, DVM

  • Veterinary profession as an individual may be the only profession to has a privilege to witness the cycle of life from cradle to grave. And through which this cycle of happiness and sadness is the norm for our  veterinary profession to see and deal with.
  • In case of Angello which owner accidentally first met as stray orphan kitten when he was a week old and abandoned by mother cat or got killed somewhere and Angello become the only one out of three that survived through owner endearing to save all three by feeding with cow milk, a formulation for kitten.
  • Angello fully recieved all health care and vaccination programme required for protection of all serious feline or cat diseases including castration at the age of 1 year.
  • Bonding between owner and Angello is perfectly right because they live together 24/7/365. Owner gives Angello an unconditional loving care the most in every and all aspect that can be done and in reciprocal as owner own words, Angello teaches them pretty much a lot about love, patience, compassionate and else all of which are absolutely necessary for a perfect relationship between human and animal. And even more for human to human relationship. This kind of informal education from real life experience of pet raising is not available at any school or institute.
  • The first health issue of Angello was a diagnosis of early stage of Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) with symptom of vommitng and anorexia. This episode occurred at the age of 1.5 year. Fotunately, this matter of CRF was detected early and owner compliance is fully attained. K/D prescription food and antacid are routine since then.  Then this health issue can be managed and fixed. Angello, an indoor cat leads a perfect and normal life.
  • In a senior years , Angello has occasionally gotten sick but without any serious condition. Then a matter of cystitis was the health issue at around 12 years old with blood tinct urine and frequent urination and has been symptomatically treated with a good outcome. However there was a recurrence of this sign and treatment a long the way.
  • Liver insufficiency began later on and get treatment accordingly.
  • Less mobility seen but responds well with a joint supplement, chondroitin and chitosan.
  • Unexpected severe CRF happened with symptom of dehydration and very high bun and creatinine. However,this episode of CRF was appropriately treated and the outcome is okay.
  • Constipation and difficult defecation was another matter that owner manage to fix this matter with lactulose on a regular basis after a treatment and guiding by vet. Vicious cycle of constipation, diarrhea and dehydration and fluid therapy is a routine. Megacolon was finally diagnosed through radiography.
  • Because of love and bonding, owner get the idea of keeping the legacy of Angello through cloning from friend in the USA. And raised this idea with me and ask me to do a research about cloning in cat. Even though with the same genotype (DNA)  from donor this technology of cloning in cat it has been found out that any phenotype can not be replicated which is absolutey different from dog by which phenotype will be the same as a donor, however, with the hope to preserve the legacy of Angello owner has decided to proceed with this procedure at all cost. After some research through internet I have a contact of a company in the USA and reference of institution for cloning in Korea in my file.
  • After some recurring episode of vicious cycle of constipation, treatment with lactulose, diarrhea, dehydration and rehydration with fluid therapy which will obviously worsen the condition of CRF. From physical exam of Angello is in an emaciated condition. Owner realized that time for Angello will not be long.
  • Idea of helping Angello to the most by using a technique called subcolectomy in order to fix this vicious cycle has been raised by owner. Educated information regarding survival rate of 50% or less and all complication from the operation to be encountered have been discussed once the procedure is performed which owner fully understand. Owner feel more and more uncomfortable with the symptom of megacolon and a vicious cycle that Angello has to deal with and suffer from. Finally, a decision to go ahead with the procedure has been made by the owner who see this as the only way to prolong Angello’s life.
  • Before the operation blood work and urinary analysis has been done.  BUN and creatinine are in the level of manageable and phosphorus is in the reference range. While UA result is pending which will take one week, in particular with the process of bacterial culture and sensitivity test. Later it was confirmed that Angello has an infection in his urinary bladder causing a chronic cytitis. A bacteria found is Klebsiella pneumoniae which becomes resistant to almost all anbiotics widely prescribed in the veterinary practices.
  • This particular bacteria ..Klebsiella pneumoniae  has unfortunately contaminated  the skin collected for cloning purpose as shown in the cell line culture done by one Veterinary teacher at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Veterinary Science.
  • In the mean time, we have been waiting for the good news about Angello’s reincarnation. Hopefully the good news will come along soon!

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