Why Chiang Mai Chotana Animal Hospital?

Nowadays when you think of veterinary health care services you have so many veterinary clinics and hospitals to choose from which makes it difficult to find the right one for your best friends.

Each clinic and hospital may have its own way of practicing depends on the experience of the vets and personnel of each practice. Some vets routinely treat symptoms; other seeing different attending veterinarian on each visit is inevitable that makes personal touch rather rare or encountering with a long waiting queue becomes the norm or else.

Here at Chiang Mai Chotana Animal Hospital, we emphasize holistic and total wellness health care for your pet and personal relationship with you. Your pet health issue’s root cause is our priority to find out before the initiation of remedy. This approach of practice will definitely be effective to address all pet health issues and provide you a peace of mind and your best friend health and happiness.

Many pet health issues need detailed diagnostic procedure in order to get an accurate diagnosis before the go ahead with the best remedy. Otherwise your pet health issue may be half-resolved. Appointment is also a good idea to ensure that you don’t need to deal with a long queue.

Dr.Pongpao Hosathitam has been sticking with a total wellness practice case by case all the time as the wish of pet owner. This approach will truly

benefit your best friend in term of health and happiness. With more than 25 years of experience: seeing, examining and treating dogs, cats and exotic pets include orthopedics and soft tissue surgery (bone and general surgery), medicine, diagnostic radiography, small animal dentistry and preventive medicine etc. and enthusiastically, he always updates his knowledge and skill and together with a dedicated team, so you can be sure that your beloved pets are in the good hands.

Again if you want your best friend to live the most of life expectancy with good health and happiness, it is highly recommended to move your pet health care to the next level called Total Wellness Program. Surely, our team at Chiang Mai Chotana Animal Hospital is more willing to answer all questions regarding to this program.

In case  your beloved pet becomes in need of an anesthesia procedure. One of the most advance gas anesthetic machine and qualified veterinary surgeon and well-trained assistants are readily available for this purpose at our premise. This machine has a ventilator as a plugin which makes an anesthetic procedure much smooth and safer than without it.

Last but not least, we would like to let you know is that grooming service, prescription food and pet accessories for your pets are also readily available at our premise which means we are definitely “One Stop Service” for your best friends.

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