Skin Diseases in dogs and cats (Veterinary Dermatology)


Skin disorders in dogs and cats can occur in variety regions of the body such as skin, hair, ear and nails depend on each of particular etiology. To determine the causes of diseases, medical tests, physical examination and history taking regarding previous environment exposure required to be performed for accurate diagnosis. Causes of skin diseases include:

  • External parasites and infections which cause itchy skin including demodectic mange, yeast (such as Malassezia) and bacterial infections, fungi and viral infection.
  • Allergies which cause severe skin itching including allergic reaction to food, mite, pollen and molds in the environment and flea allergy dermatitis (reactions to flea bites).
  • Skin cancers
  • Autoimmune and immune-mediated skin diseases.
  • Skin diseases secondary to endocrine gland’s hormonal imbalance. Most of these imbalances will cause hair loss without itchy skin such as disease of thyroid gland.
Dog suffers from Demodecosis
Dog suffers from yeast infection called Malassezia

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