Soft Tissue Veterinary Surgery

Our veterinary surgeon at Chiang Mai Chotana Animal Hospital has been well-trained and a long experience and skill in performing variety cases of both soft tissue and bone surgery in dogs and cats. Obviously, he is one of the best surgeons in Chiang Mai. In addition to our success in this career we all love and have compassion for pets. We fully understand it’s quite difficult for you to make a decision for your pet to receive any kind of surgery.

Even though we are confident in our team work, knowledge, skill, facility and anesthetic machine, we very well understand that it’s hard for you to let your pet be operated for any purpose. That is why we have to do our best to set up steps and protocol for every cases of bone surgery in dogs and cats in order to ensure that your pet is comfortable and free from any stress as much as possible.

Maybe the most important step prior to the surgery is the discussion of why we believe specific protocol is necessary and what does it comprise of? And we also prepare information regarding appropriate after care and answers to every question to make you realize that you do the right thing. We believe in specific care for each individual patient and owner, personal relationship and our experiences which make our surgery services quite unique.

To prepare your pet for bone surgery, we ask that you please withhold food from your pet 12 hours before the procedure, although please provide fresh water right up until the time you bring him into our hospital.

Protocol for Sterile Bone Surgery Technique

Before any surgical procedure your pet will routinely get physical examination and blood work done to ensure that there is no risk associated with your pet health in general anesthesia.

All Instruments and surgical drapes for use in surgery will be autoclave – sterilized at our premise. This standard of practice normally implements in human hospital makes our surgical operation far less risk of microorganism contamination.

Anesthetic Protocol and Pain management program

Postoperative care is very important for the success of surgical operation and pet welfare. We believe in pain management. Pet animal are not able to verbally tell us how much pain they are suffering from the surgery. So every pet operated must receive appropriate pain management whether or not the sign of pain show up.

In fact there is pain in every surgical operation (changing behavior is noticeable). This affects pet‘s mental condition and prolongs the process of healing further more. We at Chiang Mai Chotana Animal hospital put all efforts to manage and relieve pain from surgical operation as much as possible.

We also believe in the importance of warm pad for maintaining of pet body temperature during and after the surgery. This warm pad makes pet feel more comfortable, hastens the healing process, relieves the pain and decreases the secondary infection and speed up recovery from anesthetic condition. At our practice we use electrical warm pad for this purpose in every case during and after the surgery.

We are ready to provide Soft Tissue Surgery and the list below is some of the soft surgery we regularly perform (It does not mean that is the only procedure we preform) including:

  • Ovariohysterectomy (neutering in female pet)
  • Castration (neutering in male pet)
  • Urethrostomy/Urethrotomy (Surgery of urinary tract)
  • Intestinal Resection Anastomosis
  • Tumor Excision
  • Enucleation) – in case of serious eye ball infection
  • C-section
  • Cystotomy
  • Stenotic nares Resection
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Wound Repair
  • Oral Surgery
  • Cherry Eye Surgery
  • etc.

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